Meriden students learn from businesses which are forging the future

9 March 2018

Investigating the latest innovations of Tesla, Apple, Microsoft and LinkedIn was all in a day’s work for Year 8 students who are undertaking the News and Contemporary Studies subject at Meriden. The aim of this inspiring excursion was to enable the students to experience first-hand the innovation, creativity, passion, service and entrepreneurship of these pioneering businesses which are forging the future in employment and technology.

“At Tesla the students were given a private showroom tour and presentation on the history of Tesla and the organisation’s future projects. The girls were thrilled at the opportunity to sit in the cars, command them to play music and even design their own cars,” said Mrs Alana Koch who teaches the News and Contemporary Studies class.

“At Apple, we explored the most recent apps and considered their application to the girls’ own studies. At Microsoft, we learnt about the power of technology in enabling people with physical disabilities to fully participate in both personal and professional fields. Then, at LinkedIn we had the opportunity to consider the workforce of the future, and the power of social media for networking and employment opportunities,” Mrs Koch said.

News and Contemporary Studies was introduced as an elective for Year 8 students in 2018. The course enables students to explore many of the issues that are shaping our society. It examines a broad range of topics contained in modern news media and helps students gain an understanding of different political systems, the changing nature of business marketing through Facebook and Instagram, the impact of retail mega giants such as Amazon and Alibaba, current affairs and world news.

Meriden’s Head of Social Science, Miss Anita Kondichetty, said that the course is highly relevant to the fast-changing world in which we live. “It provides insight into the way our world and society functions today and equips students to become competent lifelong learners by expanding their knowledge base, and developing skills to solve problems, think critically and make decisions,” she said.

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