Meriden Water Polo players represent Australia

5 August 2014

Two of Meriden’s top Water Polo players, Brooke McClean and Mollie Williams, were selected to the Born ’98 Australian Team to compete in the Pan Pacific Championships held in New Zealand in July.

This was the first time that the girls had won selection to an Australian representative team and they clearly stepped up to the challenge. Both girls scored goals for their respective teams and Mollie was named ‘Best Player’ in a number of her games.

The squad consisted of twenty-six girls, split into two teams, ‘Australia Green’ and ‘Australia Gold’. The two teams competed in the U20 and U18 tournaments. This put 16 year-old Brooke and Mollie up against players who were two to four years older than themselves.

“It was certainly a challenge to play against more experienced players,” Mollie said. “But it was valuable experience and I learnt a lot that will benefit my game. I also learnt a lot on a personal level, too.”

Brooke agrees. “This was my first time representing my country and it was also my first trip overseas. It was just amazing. I know I am fortunate to have such great team mates and awesome coaches. I have gained so much from the opportunity,” she said.

‘Australia Gold’ won the silver medal in the U18 tournament with ‘Australia Green’ joining their fellow squad members on the medal dias to take the bronze.

Meriden’s Water Polo Coordinator, Mr Ryan Richards, says that Brooke and Mollie are outstanding players and he has witnessed them continue to develop under the School’s Water Polo program. “Although the Pan Pacific Championship was their first selection to represent Australia, I anticipate there will be many more selections to come for the two girls as they continue to strive for excellence in the sport,” he said.