Nurturing Friendships at Meriden

Having good friends is an important part of school life, as is navigating the inevitable seasons of challenge or conflict within those friendships. Girls at Meriden have access to the Pastoral Team, who are available to help the students respond to the complexities of their relationships with peers. Our philosophy and practice are driven by […]

Music and Wellbeing

The Music program at Meriden has gone from strength to strength in recent times. The Amadeus program has helped nurture some of Sydney’s brightest young talents, and our ensembles regularly perform at the highest levels at concerts, competitions, and eisteddfods. This level of quality is evident for anyone who has attended a performance by Meriden […]

Feeling connected, seen and understood

I recently spoke to the Good Weekend about the holistic approach Meriden takes to fostering the wellbeing of our students. Click here to view the feature and read my interview below. What is Meriden’s approach to wellbeing? Is it embedded across the school in different programs/activities? Are there specific wellbeing programs? Student wellbeing is fundamental to […]

The importance of sleep

The advice from the Sleep Foundation is that teenagers should be getting at least eight hours of sleep on a school night. There is also strong advice about limiting technology use before bedtime. At Meriden, we encourage the students to make sure they are reading or listening to music before bed and not spending time on devices […]