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Adventure training for Meriden’s first Cadet unit

Cadets (L-R) Rose Smith, Beatrice Ku, Talitha Moss and Madeleine Low

This week, 126 Meriden girls traded their blazers for army fatigues and ventured into the bush for a one-night bivouac. The group is the School’s first-ever cohort to participate in the Australian Army Cadets program.

The overnight camp at the Trinity Grammar Field Studies Centre in Woollamia aimed to see Meriden Cadets develop their leadership, teamwork and outdoor skills alongside Cadets from Trinity Grammar School.

The Meriden students were split into six groups, with each group led by a Year 11 girl. Cadets learned how to erect a personal shelter, how to prepare a ration pack, the principles of camouflage and concealment, movement by day and night, basic navigation skills and how to administer first aid treatment.

Meriden Principal, Dr Julie Greenhalgh, said Cadets will open up further opportunities for students to grow into well-rounded young women, as they collaborate with their peers and learn to lead students from Meriden and Trinity Grammar School.

“We know Meriden girls are resilient, loyal and confident,” she said.

“I’m sure they’re going to have many an adventure as they experience how important creative and critical thinking can be when working cooperatively in the world outside the classroom.”

Meriden Cadets will be joining Trinity Cadets for a weekly parade afternoon at Trinity Grammar School. The next camp will be the Annual Field Training Camp, to be held in April.

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