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Business Studies students receive behind-the-scenes of successful online retailer

Year 12 Business Studies students with the CEO of The Iconic, Mrs Erica Berchtold

Year 12 Business Studies students recently had an exciting opportunity to meet the CEO of The Iconic, Mrs Erica Berchtold, at the company’s Sydney Headquarters. Meriden girls received a behind-the-scenes tour of the online retailer, during which they delved into the inner workings of the company and gained insights into the world of e-commerce.

Throughout the visit, the students witnessed the process of receiving and processing orders and were introduced to the advanced technologies used by The Iconic to improve its operational efficiencies.

Business Studies teacher, Ms Anita Kondichetty, said the excursion reinforced the students’ understanding of important business concepts.

“The tour served as a real-world case study that helped to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, providing the girls with invaluable insights and inspiring their future endeavours in the business field,” said Ms Kondichetty.

Taylor Koic, who is considering pursuing a career in finance or marketing, said the tour surpassed her expectations.

“It was eye-opening to see the time and energy that is put into ensuring quality control when packing orders and being introduced to cutting-edge technologies. The excursion was a memorable and special experience, especially as it was the first time The Iconic had provided this excursion to school students,” said Taylor.

Alexandra Richards also acknowledged the excursion’s value as the girls’ final examinations approach.

“Having the opportunity to see a real-world example of what we have been learning has enabled us to gain extensive knowledge that we can use in our studies and future assessment tasks,” said Alexandra.

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