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Chevyone a top performer in national archery events

Chevyone Cheah, Year 11, has mastered the art of being cool, calm and collected, as evidenced by the swathe of medals she has picked up at national and international archery competitions this year.

Most recently, she was named National Champion of the Target and Clout event during the National Youth Archery Championships 2019. Chevyone won three gold, one silver and two bronze medals at the competition. Her strong performance helped the New South Wales Recurve Team secure victory overall in the competition.

Just a day after this event, Chevyone went on to compete in the National Youth Match Play Championships, where she performed consistently and increased her personal best score by twelve points. Ranked first in her division, Chevyone was placed into a doubles mixed team, which placed third, and then a mixed team of three archers, which placed second.

Chevyone said she experienced some fatigue towards the end of the second competition, having competed for seven consecutive days. She said that while not everything went perfectly, the two events were excellent learning opportunities and her most successful national competitions yet.

Already a mentor to her junior team members and a consistent top performer in sporting and academic pursuits, Chevyone dreams of representing Australia at the Olympics.

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