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Eight Meriden Cadets accept awards

Corporals Emily Seeto, Vivian Chen and Patrice Aravanis

Eight Meriden Cadets have been presented with awards recognising their service and leadership in the Trinity Cadet Unit.

Corporal Vivian Chen was made Dux of the Junior Non-Commissioned Officers’ Course.

Corporal Patrice Aravanis was awarded The Commanding Officer’s Commendation. This award is presented to a Cadet who has displayed conspicuously high levels of outstanding performance, service and leadership and general excellence as a Cadet.

Corporal Emily Seeto was bestowed with The COL (AAC) Christie Award. Colonel Peter Christie is a past Commanding Officer of the Unit, 1982-1996, and an Old Boy of Trinity Grammar School. This award is given to a Junior Non-Commissioned Officer for consistently high levels of leadership training over the year.

Two Year 8 Cadets, Rachael Chen and Kayla Molesworth, were awarded the The MAJ (AAC) Aikman Award for Best Recruit Cadet in 2020. Three Year 9 Cadets, Sophie Brennan, Adelaide Loane and Zoe Wang, were awarded The MAJ (AAC) Aikman Award for Best Trained Cadet. The awards are named after Major Michael Aikman, Commanding Officer of the Unit 1963-1965. This award is given to Cadets who demonstrate a consistently high level of performance and commitment over the training year.

The Meriden Cadets said they were grateful for the recognition in a year that has presented unique challenges to participation in the program.

Vivian said she was glad to be resuming active participation in Cadets in Term 4 so she could continue to build on the valuable skills and opportunities for leadership she has enjoyed so far.

“Cadets has provided me with opportunities to establish relationships with other students, to step out of my comfort zone and acquire new practical and theoretical skills,” she said.

“The most important skill I have developed through Cadets is time management. As a Corporal, I feel a strong sense of responsibility toward the Cadets in my platoon and this has driven me to be organised and fit in everything I need to do in order to be of service to them.”

Emily said her award was a bonus to participating in a cocurricular activity that has given her much.

“To me, the award is a reminder of the support I have had on my Cadets journey. The staff and my fellow Cadets have allowed me the opportunity to become a leader and I did that to the best of my ability,” she said.

“The most valuable thing I have learned through Cadets is that, regardless of how difficult or challenging things may seem, teamwork is the key to overcoming obstacles and achieving the best you can. Experiencing challenges alongside my friends and realising that I am surrounded by a strong support network have been the most rewarding aspects of Cadets.”

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