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Meriden celebrates National Families Week

Sophia, Bethany and Abigail

It’s National Families Week@HOME and Meriden is acknowledging the diversity and open-heartedness of all the families that comprise our School community. We’re kicking off the celebration by hearing from our students for whom attending school is a family affair.

Sophia, Year 7, with sisters Bethany, Year 4, and Abigail, Year 6
“I love having sisters as it means there is always someone around the house to talk to, play with and confide in. This COVID-19 period has tested our patience with each other but we have also learnt things about each other that we never knew before and, if anything, we have grown closer. Abigail, who is one year younger than me, has a great sense of humour, an artistic touch and an intelligent mind. Since we are close in age, I know I can talk to her and she will understand me. Bethany, who is three years younger than me, is very generous with her time and possessions and has a kind heart. She is patient with everyone and is always willing to listen to whatever anyone has to say.”

Laura and her sister Mariana, Year 7
“The best thing about going to school with your sister is that you don’t have to face challenges alone and if you don’t understand something you can just ask your sister to explain it to you.”

Emily, Year 11, with sisters Louisa, Year 5; Victoria, Year 7; and Alannah Year 9
“I like that my sisters and I are able to do things we love together such as baking and playing sport, and even though we have disagreements we always have each other’s backs and are easily able to find a way to make each other laugh and feel comforted. We are able to give each other helpful advice, whether it be about friendships or navigating school. Even though we are in different years, we are still able to interact with each other through House events, including carnivals, and Cocurricular activities such as Orchestra.”

Ahnika, Year 12, with sisters Alannah, Year 7, and Tarja, Year 9
“I know that my sisters will always have my back in anything I do. They will be brutally honest but are also my biggest supporters and they will always be my best friends. I love that they constantly inspire me to be the best version of myself and to set a good example for them. I love that I can trust them with anything knowing they will always be by my side.”

“The best thing about going to school with my sisters is the reassuring feeling of seeing them in the playground or when walking to class, knowing they will always be there smiling back at me. I love that I’m only ever a couple of hundred metres away from them so they can rely on me and look to me for help with anything.”

Brydie, Year 12 and Edie, Year 9
Brydie: “The best thing about going to school with Edie is being able to see her during the school day. I love having someone that I can catch the train with and walk home with every day and I don’t even mind that she tries to steal canteen money from me! I mostly just love having someone so reliable with me at school that I can always count on and who knows me so well.”

Edie: “I love that Brydie and I are able to be open with each other; she is really good at giving advice. Brydie and I love going for runs together and we motivate each other the whole way. She is so loving and is a role model for me. Brydie and I know all of each other’s friends at school and I love seeing her and her group throughout the day. Sometimes, she even carries my sports bag on the walk home which is very nice of her. I love that she always encourages me to do my best at school and helps me with studying.”

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