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Meriden girl leads impressive drill squad

RSM Isabella Saville

The Trinity Grammar School Army Cadet Unit impressed at the Combined Associated Schools Drill Competition, ably led by RSM Isabella Saville, the only female RSM to lead a drill squad at the event.

RSM Saville said she was honoured to lead the unit on the day.

“I did feel a bit nervous but I had faith in the capabilities of the TGSACU drill squad and I knew the cadets could complete the movement proficiently,” said RSM Saville.

“I am proud to be part of such a dedicated and diverse unit. Every member, regardless of their rank, adopts an optimistic attitude, whatever the challenge. The CAS Drill Competition was our latest challenge and, aside from getting a chance to display our drills and discipline, it gave us the opportunity to meet cadets from other units and we felt connected as a brigade working towards the same goals.”

LT (AAC) Fiona Brennan, Meriden Coordinator of Cadets, said RSM Saville, alongside other executive members of the TGSACU, spent months training the unit’s participants for the competition.

“We are very proud of the conduct of all our cadets who demonstrated their commitment to their unit in their preparation for the event and in the effort they put in on the day,” LT (AAC) Brennan said.

Cadets who participated in the competition donned their finest Ceremonial Parade Dress and showcased a series of twenty-six manoeuvres to an extremely high standard.

Drill competitions such as this one aim to foster collaboration and friendly competition between CAS Army Cadet units and reinforce the standards of drill, dress and bearing in individual units.

“The events also help to promote young people’s interest in military customs which are steeped in tradition,” LT (AAC) Brennan said.

The following Meriden cadets took part in the 2021 Drill Competition: LCPL Edie Arkell, CPL Sophie Brennan, WO2 Bruna Da Costa, WO2 Eduarda Da Costa, WO2 Adele Dang, WO2 Lillian Havansky, SGT Adelaide Loane, LCPL Kyara Meegamuge, WO1 Isabella Saville and CPL Tamara Van Ede.

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