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Meriden girls performing at the top of the state

Chiara Freeman, who placed first in the state in Spanish Beginners, with Mrs Lisa Brown, Principal

Meriden has achieved outstanding results in the HSC across all subjects, ranking twelfth in the state in 2023.

More than ten percent of Meriden students received an ATAR of 99 or more, and sixty-three percent of students received an ATAR of 90 or more.

Overall, Meriden students achieved 408 Distinguished Achievements in a range of subjects and twenty-three students were named as All-Round Achievers.

Meriden achieved excellent results in Languages courses. In Spanish Beginners, Chiara Freeman placed first in the state, Alannah Yenson placed third and sixty percent of students in this course achieved a Band 6 result. In Chinese and Literature, Arianna Li placed first and Lareina Ji placed second in the state, while Jessica Tan placed third in Chinese Continuers course. In Latin Extension, all students achieved Band 6 results.

In STEM courses, Harmoni Kwok placed second in the state in Physics, while Jacinta Rees placed fifth. Students achieved a high number of Band 6 results in Mathematics courses, including forty-nine percent of students in Mathematics Advanced, and more than sixty percent of students in Extension 1 Mathematics – far exceeding the state average.

Students achieved strong results across all English courses. Meiying Tian placed eighth and Arianna Li placed tenth in English EAL/D, while Laurena Fadel placed eighth in English Advanced. Band 6 results were achieved by sixty-seven percent of students in English Extension 1 and thirty-seven percent of students in English Advanced.

Music continues to be a strong subject at Meriden, with all students in Music 2 achieving Band 6 in Music Theory. Gracelyn Yu’s Music 2 Core Composition was selected to be included in the ENCORE program, which showcases outstanding HSC performances and compositions at the Sydney Opera House.

Many Music students were nominated for ENCORE, including Grace Allen, Jolene Lee and Monica Teng for their compositions; and Stella Hong, Sienna Kang, Amy Lee, Monica Teng and Alice Zhang for their performances.

In Applied Science, Charlotte Costello placed ninth in the state in Community and Family Studies and forty-six percent of her peers achieved Band 6 in the subject.

Students excelled in the written and performance components of the Drama course – eighty percent of students achieved Band 6 results and a couple of performances were nominated for OnSTAGE, a showcase of outstanding HSC drama projects and performances.

The Design and Creative Arts student cohort achieved strong results with all students receiving marks in the top two bands. Annie Liu’s Visual Arts work was selected for the prestigious ARTEXPRESS exhibition and several Design and Technology works were nominated for the Shape exhibition, which features exemplary Design and Technology major projects.

The Meriden community congratulates the Class of 2023 for all their hard work and achievements.

Meriden has achieved outstanding results in the HSC across all subjects, ranking twelfth in the state in 2023. More than...
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