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Meriden girls send letters to the front

Talitha, Year 10

This week, Meriden’s Prefects have collated and sent hundreds of letters to healthcare professionals who are on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. The letters were written by Senior School students in gratitude for the hard work of medical personnel around Australia. Read some extracts from a small sample of the letters below.

Thank you for your courage and perseverance in helping those with coronavirus and for the information you have provided us on how to stay safe. Sabrina, Year 7

We really admire the difficult work you are doing to help others and we will always remember your contribution at this time. You are our real heroes. Prachi, Year 7

Thank you for your selflessness, courage and commitment to helping our country get through this tough time. We understand this is scary and stressful and we are forever in your debt. Maisie, Year 8

Thank you for sacrificing so much to keep our country safe and I want to remind you that our thoughts are with you during this time. Zoe, Year 8

All Australians around the country salute you for being on the streets, in hospitals and in homes, on the front lines amid the global need for your helping hands. We will remain socially distanced to help reduce your burden as much as possible and I am sure that we will overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Audrey, Year 9

Even with everything that’s going on, you’ve managed to keep going and protecting everyone, which is incredible and I want to express how awesome your work is. Jacinta, Year 9

The Meriden community and the whole of Australia thank you for everything you’ve done. I pray that you will have strength to continue the valuable work you do every day. Talitha, Year 10

I am writing to thank you for the hard work and countless hours that have been put into preventing further COVID-19 outbreaks, whether that be by testing people, looking after those with the coronavirus or researching a vaccine. Shiva, Year 10

I would like to express my gratitude for all the hard work you have been doing during these tough times. You risk your life every day to help other people and to protect our community and we are all so grateful. We as a community feel much safer knowing there are healthcare workers out there working hard to find solutions to this problem. We are all eternally grateful for the sacrifices you and your families have made. Jasmine, Year 11

Thank you for your strength and courage.
Thank you for your bravery and commitment to help and protect our community.
Thank you for being a leader and a beacon of light during this time of uncertainty.
We are truly grateful.
Sarah, Year 11

While most of us are sheltering in the safety of our homes with our families, you are selflessly standing in the front line working to keep the community safe and assisting those who have contracted the virus. While most of us are tuning in to the news, waiting for the latest update about this unknown and deadly virus, you are working in close proximity with the virus to answer all our questions. While most of us are waiting for this pandemic to be over, you are working to make this happen. Thank you for being the shield protecting our community. Louisa, Year 12

I can’t imagine the sacrifices you have had to make during these times but you have shown us what great leaders you are to our community. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed and each and every one of us is truly and deeply grateful for the tireless hours of work you have put into keeping us safe. Sayuni, Year 12

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