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Meriden graduates pursue STEM at leading international universities

Meriden graduates, Stephanie Cui and Sarah Feng (Class of 2022), are eagerly preparing for their next exciting chapters after accepting offers to study at leading international universities.

Stephanie is looking forward to immersing herself in all that London has to offer after being accepted to Imperial College, a world-class university known for specialising in STEM.

“I am excited to study at a university that provides opportunities to potentially engage in research even in the undergraduate years of my degree. I am also looking forward to meeting students from the diverse student body, as the college boasts students from more than 125 countries. First on my London to-do list is a walk through Hyde Park and a visit to the British Museum!” said Stephanie.

Sarah has secured a place at Illinois’ Purdue University, a world-renowned public research university and one of the top ten public universities in the United States, where she will major in Data Science.

Sarah will relocate to the USA in August and said she is looking forward to all the new experiences that will come with living and studying abroad.

“What I find most attractive about attending university in America is that I will be able to live on campus and experience this unique atmosphere. I know the experience will bring obstacles, both academically and in daily life, but I am excited about the growth I will receive in overcoming these challenges,” said Sarah.

Stephanie and Sarah participated in Meriden’s Student Futures program which supports its participants in securing positions at leading universities in the world that align with the student’s academic standard, tertiary goals and cocurricular interests. The girls expressed gratitude for the support and advice they received from Mr Ryan Richards, the coordinator of Student Futures at Meriden, who provided expertise in the application processes for universities in the USA and the UK.

We have no doubt Stephanie and Sarah are poised to make their mark in the world, inspiring and paving the way for more women to explore STEM fields. The Meriden community congratulates these extraordinary young women and wishes them the very best as they embark on this next stage of their educational and personal journeys.

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