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Meriden shines in HSC

Top ATAR recipient, Michelle Oh, with Dr Julie Greenhalgh

Meriden has once again achieved outstanding results in the HSC, ranking twelfth in NSW for 2021, and with strong performance across all subjects. For our girls to return this result amidst so much uncertainty due to the pandemic represents a particularly significant achievement, and one we warmly congratulate them on.

Fifty-six per cent of Meriden students received an ATAR of ninety or more, while twenty per cent of Meriden girls were named as All-Round Achievers. 16 students were ranked in the top ten in the state, and four were awarded first place in their subject. Michelle Oh achieved the highest possible ATAR of 99.95. Overall Meriden students were awarded 396 Distinguished Achievements.

In Mathematics the Sydney Morning Herald placed us tenth overall in the state across all Mathematics courses, the only all-girl school to achieve this distinction. Michelle Oh was awarded equal eighth in Mathematics Extension (with a mark of 100 per cent) and tenth in Maths Extension 2.

In English, Emily Zheng came first in the state for English as an Additional Language or Dialect. Emily also shone in Japanese Beginners, coming first in the state again, with her classmate Ruth Huynh coming second. Metilda You excelled in English, placing fourth in the state in English Extension 1. Metilda received full marks in the subject.

Also in Languages, Vivian Chen came second in the state for Chinese in Context, over 70 per cent of students in Chinese and Literature achieved a Band 6 and 100 per cent of our Latin Extension students achieved the top band also.

Hospitality student, Sophie Lin, topped the state in her subject. Eighty-two per cent of Sophie’s cohort achieved a Band 6 result and in History, Vernica Mehta’s result in History Extension placed her equal ninth in the state.

In Performing Arts, a number of students were selected for showcases of student excellence – Liliane Spratt selected for ARTEXPRESS (Visual Art), Alison Chang, Rena Tang and Natalia Ghisso for ENCORE (Music Performance), Madeline Ayres for Shape (Design and Technology), and Liliane Spratt and Olivia Fahim for OnSTAGE (Drama)

Cellist Rena Tang placed equal first in the state in Music 2. Top band results were gained by ninety-two per cent of Music Extension students, seventy per cent of Music 1 students and seventy-five per cent of Music 2 students.

In Science Chelsea Jin was awarded fifth in the state for Chemistry and sixty per cent of our students achieved a Band 6 for Physics.

All of the Class of 2021 are to be congratulated for their hard work and perseverance as well as their achievements. The future is bright for Meriden’s Year 12 cohort.

HSC Highlights at a Glance

  • 56% of students received an ATAR of 90 or more
  • Student awarded highest possible ATAR (99.95)
  • 20% of students named as All-Round Achievers
  • 16 placings within the top 10 in the state in 13 courses, including 1st in state in 4 courses
  • Mark of 100% achieved in 4 courses
  • 396 Distinguished Achievements (Band 6 results)
  • ARTEXPRESS, ENCORE, Shape and OnSTAGE nominations
  • Meriden ranked 12th in the 2021 HSC Schools Ranking*

* Sydney Morning Herald 20.01.2022

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