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Meriden’s Cadets on home turf

Last week, Meriden’s Cadets continued to keep their minds and bodies active with Cadets training, which took place on the School grounds.

The session was run by Meriden’s senior Cadets with rank, who mentored the girls in a number of skills which included reviewing the correct procedure for storing, carrying and preparing ration packs and setting up hutchies.

Twelve Cadets from Year 9 to Year 12, ably led by Warrant Officer Second Class, Genevieve McKeown, trained for an additional half hour for Drill Squad, in preparation for future ceremonies.

Mrs Fiona Brennan, Cadets Coordinator, said the girls have taken recent changes to school life in their strides.

“The students have demonstrated that they are resilient and responsive to change,” she said.

“They are eager to continue to learn and have followed directives that will contribute to their development as future leaders.”

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