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Meriden’s star archer pays her success forward

Year 11 student, Chevyone Cheah

Meriden student Chevyone Cheah has been recognised by the City of Canada Bay Council as an outstanding sportswoman and a role model to young athletes in the community. The Year 11 student was recently invited to become a Young Sports Ambassador, a volunteer role that will see her mentor youth in Sydney’s Inner West. The Council also gifted Chevyone with a small grant which contributed to her travel costs as she represented Australia in Archery at the 2019 Trans-Tasman Challenge in New Zealand.

Chevyone said she is looking forward to working with other young people as Young Sports Ambassador.

“My volunteer role will allow me to share my personal sporting experiences with other young people pursuing competitive sport,” she said.

Her advice is not just for elite athletes, though, Chevyone aims to inspire students of all ages and abilities to try new sports.

“I’ll be encouraging young people to get involved in sport at any level and help them to understand all the lifestyle benefits that go along with participation in physical activity.”

Chevyone said her passion for archery has contributed to her physical and social wellbeing and her desire for personal growth.

“What I love most about archery is meeting different people. Being able to shoot alongside them allows me to learn about them and we are part of something, together.”

“The continuous encouragement from my friends, family and especially the Meriden community, motivates me to work harder, knowing that I can always be a better archer.”

Chevyone was an integral member of the Australian team at the 2019 Trans-Tasman Challenge and earned two gold medals and one bronze medal in two individual archery matches and one team match, respectively. She now has her sights set on future international competitions, including the 2024 Olympics Games. When she completes the HSC, she aspires to become a sports psychologist and hopes to continue to pursue archery alongside her professional career.

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