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Mrs Mirabito earns Pride of Workmanship Award

Ms Vicki Sheehan, Dean of Staff, with Mrs Carolyn Mirabito

Meriden is proud to announce that the School’s Music Academy Administrator, Mrs Carolyn Mirabito, has been recognised by the Rotary Club of Strathfield for the dedication, care and professionalism she brings to her work. Mrs Mirabito was presented with a Pride of Workmanship Award at a ceremony held in recognition of accomplished individuals who offer invaluable support to the Strathfield community.

The School congratulates Mrs Mirabito on the award, which acknowledges the multifaceted and dynamic nature of her work at the Music Academy, at which she is responsible for organising music, speech and drama lessons for over 350 students each week. Her role took on an extra layer of complexity in 2020, as she managed the seamless transition of all these lessons to an online format almost overnight while the School was in online learning mode in Term 2.

Ms Vicki Sheehan, Dean of Staff, said Mrs Mirabito’s work is integral to the continued smooth running of one of the School’s largest and most valued academies.

“Carolyn’s unassuming nature, her care for our students and her patient, positive attitude and passion for her job have earned her admiration and respect from students, staff and parents at Meriden,” Ms Sheehan said.

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