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Outstanding HSC results across the board for Meriden girls

Dr Julie Greenhalgh, Principal, with Julia Chung, who received the highest possible ATAR

Meriden students have once again performed at the top of the state in the HSC. Exceptional results were earned by the Class of 2020, a resilient cohort which has faced unprecedented challenges to both their lives and learning.

Dux of the School, Julia Chung, received the highest possible ATAR, 99.95, and came sixth in the state in Biology. Julia was on the state’s HSC All-Round Achievers list, having earned Band 6 results in Biology, Chemistry, English Advanced, Latin Continuers and Latin Extension.

Olivia Arvanitis came equal first in the state in Biology and second in the state in Science Extension, earning an ATAR of 99.9. She is on the HSC All-Round Achievers list for her Band 6 results in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English Advanced, English Extension 1 and Science Extension.

Belinda Ji came equal first in the state in Community and Family Studies and earned an ATAR of 98.1. She is on the HSC All-Round Achievers list, for her results in Community and Family Studies, Economics, English Advanced and Mathematics Advanced.

Meriden girls took the top two spots in the state in Spanish Beginners. Christiana Stone came first in the state and was awarded an ATAR of 99.4. She is listed as an HSC All-Round Achiever, having earned Band 6 results in English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1, Physics, Latin Continuers and Spanish Beginners. Grace Li came second in the state in Spanish Beginners and is another HSC All-Round Achiever in English EAL/D, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2, Physics and Spanish Beginners. Grace earned an ATAR of 99.9.

In total, thirty Meriden students earned places on the HSC All-Round Achievers list, which equates to nineteen per cent of the cohort. Fifty-eight per cent of Meriden’s students were awarded an ATAR over 90.

Meriden is proud of the students whose HSC Major Works, Compositions and Performances were recognised as being among the most outstanding in the state. The girls did extremely well in the performing arts: ten students received ENCORE nominations and four students received OnSTAGE nominations. Additionally, one student was nominated for ARTEXPRESS and one student was nominated for Shape.

Meriden students have been offered early entry into a myriad courses at Australian tertiary institutions, with a number of scholarship offers received from elite overseas universities.

Meriden girls’ results reflect their passion for learning and the School congratulates them on their well-deserved success.

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