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Tildesley champions fourteen years running

2023 Tildesley Doubles Champions: Farah Zulfiqar and Gabriela Garipova

Meriden’s Tennis squad has retained its title as Tildesley Tennis champions for the fourteenth consecutive year, with Meriden girls taking out first and second places in the Doubles event and receiving the runner-up title in the Singles event.

Described as one of the best finals in Tildesley history, Year 9 student, Giselle Guillen, gave her all in an epic match that had spectators on the edge of their seats. Giselle received the runner-up title after a hard-fought battle that transpired into a 7 – 4 tiebreak.

The Doubles tournament saw an all-Meriden semi-final and final, after the School’s players dominated the top spots in the event.

Delivering consistently strong performances throughout the competition, Gabriela Garipova, Year 10, and Farah Zulfiqar, Year 12, defeated Year 7 Meriden students, Valentyna Rosa and Aimee Jin in the action-packed Doubles final.

The girls’ win marked another milestone for the School, with Meriden taking out the top two positions in the Doubles matches for fourteen consecutive years.

Meriden Principal, Mrs Lisa Brown, said she was proud of all Meriden’s Tildesley players who contributed to the teams’ long-running success whilst displaying the School’s values of sportsmanship and humility.

“In addition to the outstanding performances on the court, it was wonderful to see the unwavering support provided by Meriden’s team members and coaches throughout the tournament. I was particularly proud to see Meriden tennis alumnae return to support and mentor our younger students. The sincere care shown for one another is testament to the close-knit nature of Meriden’s Tennis squad,” Mrs Brown said.

Tildesley is a team effort that requires hard work, consistency and dedication to training in the lead-up to the competition. The tournament, which has been running for over 105 years, brings together students from independent girls’ schools across Sydney. Every player contributes to her team’s overall score, with the Tildesley Tennis Shield awarded to the school with the highest point average.

Meriden had forty-two players competing in the tournament this year under the guidance of Mr Brian Ly, Head Coach – Tennis.

Year 7 – Aimee Jin, Valentyna Rosa, Mira Arvind, Saoirse Funston, Alyssa Dun and Hayley Dinh

Year 8 – Amelia Von, Miya McLeod, Jizelle Sibai, Alexia Taboas, Ariel Gunawan, Mila Vujcic and Lillian Shen

Year 9 – Amy Chen, Jessica Dimovski, Giselle Guillen, Abigail Gunawan, Georgia Massey, Georgia Nicholls, Maria Nicol, Panayiota Vasiliades, India Whip and Sara Zulamovski

Year 10 – Laura Baquero, Mariana Baquero, Georgia Karatasos, Natalia Kendrovski, Andrea Lavers, Sofia Zulamovski, Gabriela Garipova and Anjolaoluwa Ige

Year 11- Elektra Arseniou, Phoebe Strachan, Miranda Xu and Stacy Lee

Year 12 – Chiara Freeman, Nina Krecklenberg, Sienna Leeson, Skye McLeod, Soha Singh, Te Akaiti Toa and Farah Zulfiqar

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