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Tildesley victory for thirteenth consecutive year

Indiya McLeod

Meriden’s Tennis squad has once again displayed their tenacity and skill on the courts, bringing home the Tildesley Shield for the thirteenth consecutive year.

After a series of thrilling matches, Meriden girls took out first place in the Singles Tournament and the top two places in the Doubles Tournament. Meriden has also taken out the top two positions in the Doubles matches for thirteen consecutive years.

Indiya McLeod, one of Meriden’s 2022 Tennis Captains, won the Singles Tournament with a convincing 8 – 4 victory. As a Year 12 student, 2022 was Indiya’s final Tildesley Tournament, after winning the 2020 Singles event and competing in the last three finals.

Sarah Mazaraki and Miranda Xu took out the Doubles Tournament, after finishing as runners-up in 2020 and as semi-finalists in 2021.

Farah Zulfiqar and Nina Krecklenberg were the 2022 Doubles runners-up, in their first Tildesley Doubles finals event.

The sportsmanship and support displayed by the entire Meriden squad, parents and coaching staff were unparalleled. To maintain victory for thirteen consecutive years is a significant achievement for which the entire squad is to be congratulated.

The 2022 Meriden Tildesley squad, led by Head Coach, Ross Anton, were:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Alessandra Rompies
Amelia Von
Miya McLeod
Jizelle Sibai
Alexia Taboas
Ariel Gunawan
Amy Chen
Jessica Dimovski
Giselle Guillen
Abigail Gunaw
Sara Hallani
Georgia Massey
Georgia Nicholls
Savannah Soulos
Cecilia Teoh
Panayiota Vasiliades
India Whip
Sara Zulamovski
Laura Baquero Arcila
Mariana Baquero Arcila
Georgia Karatasos
Natalia Kendrovski
Andrea Lavers
Sofia Zulamovski
Gloria Milosis
Gabriela Garipova
Anjola Ige
Year 10 Year 11 Year 12
Elektra Arseniou
Phoebe Strachan
Hannah Taleb
Miranda Xu
Stacy Lee
Chiara Freeman
Nina Krecklenberg
Sienna Leeson
Skye McLeod
Soha Singh
Te Akaiti Toa
Farah Zulfiqar
Claudia Coombes
Piper Freeman
Samantha Lavers
Maxi Lipic-McFadyen
Sarah Mazaraki
Indiya McLeod
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