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Top school in IGSSA Water Polo

Year 12 player, Macy Hansford

Congratulations to Meriden’s Senior Firsts IGSSA Water Polo Team, which played the perfect finals match and claimed the coveted S01 title in an 8-6 victory. The team was strongly led by our long-serving Year 12 students, Charlotte Gates, Macy Hansford, Sienna Kolesnyk, Daniela Zapata Rincon and Hayley Spence, who retire from the Meriden team a high note.

Other team members of the winning squad were Evie Glover-Rylah, Josephine Lewis, Olivia Mitchell, Bronte Ryan, Maeve Ryan and Nioka Thomas.

Meriden last won this competition in 2015 and the finals match was enthusiastically supported by Meriden students and staff, who were barracking for this year’s dream team to take the IGSSA shield. Both teams put up a mighty fight and at half-time Meriden led 5-3. At full-time, Macy and Nioka had scored three goals each, with other goals coming from Olivia and Josephine.

Meriden was strongly represented in the IGSSA Water Polo competition in the 2019 season, with four teams playing twenty-eight senior games, winning twenty-four matches, drawing two and losing just two. This result shows the strength and depth of Meriden’s Water Polo program and we are very proud of the girls’ fighting spirit.

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