Dr Benn
Head of Junior School

The Junior School Music Ensembles Celebration Concert, held on Tuesday 8 November, showcased the musical growth of our instrumental and choral groups. The audience enjoyed performances by the Years 3 and 4 Choir, Years 5 and 6 Choir, Wind Ensemble, String Orchestra, Junior Band, Junior Chamber Strings, Year 6 Orchestra and Jazz Band. The number of girls participating in the Music cocurricular program is extraordinary, and we extend our thanks to Ms Spooner-Ryan, Ms Bryant, and all the Music staff for their work with our musicians throughout the year.

The Junior Chamber Strings, Sinfonia and Years 5 and 6 Choir will be performing at the 125th Anniversary Concert on Tuesday 15 November. The girls will need to wear their summer uniforms, including blazers, polished shoes and navy hair ribbons. The performers will go by bus to the Sydney Opera House at 2:30pm for a rehearsal and stay at the Sydney Opera House, under the supervision of Meriden staff, until the concert finishes at 9:00pm.

Each performer must bring everything needed for the day because parents cannot access the backstage area to deliver food or see the girls before the concert begins. The girls will need to bring food to eat before the performance that can easily be carried in an excursion bag during the day, for example, sandwiches or bread rolls.

Parents of Junior School performers will collect their daughters from outside the Stage Door at 9:15pm.

Junior School girls attending the concert as audience members must have an adult with them at all times. They also need to wear summer uniforms, including blazers, navy ribbons and polished shoes. As this is an evening event, they do not need to bring their Meriden hats.

It is wonderful to have two special evenings of musical performances this term to celebrate the School’s 125th Anniversary with Junior School families.