Dr Benn
Head of Junior School

The first session of Junior School Parent/Teacher Interviews began this week. The teachers appreciated the opportunity to talk with parents about the girls’ progress and learning goals. The next Parent/Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Monday 31 July and Tuesday 1 August. During the year, parents will also receive written feedback at the end of each semester and ongoing information about their daughter’s learning through her digital portfolio.

The girls include a variety of work samples in their digital portfolios, for example, artwork, written compositions or responses, digital journals, photos and videos. The work samples include feedback from the teachers about what the student has done effectively and the next steps to take. The portfolio can be a helpful way to start conversations at home about what the girls are learning at school. Questions such as “what did you do well?” and “what can you do to improve?” help the girls develop self-evaluation skills.

Junior School Auxiliary Meeting

The next JSA Meeting will be held in Selim Library on Tuesday 21 March, beginning at 8:00am. Junior School parents are welcome to attend as we begin planning the JSA Mother’s Day Stall.