Dr Benn
Head of Junior School

Each House in the Junior School has sponsored a child for many years, and we have been hearing about the children during recent Chapel services. The girls support the program through their weekly Chapel donations that help provide necessities for the children’s families, such as food and educational activities.

Cumberland Dariela from Honduras
Durham Moufira from Togo
Kent Wedkenda from Haiti
Oxford Cheno from Indonesia
Sussex Yoweri from Uganda
Warwick Fatasa from Burkina Faso

We regularly pray for the children during Chapel and pastoral time, and many students also pray for them at home.

Involvement in the project promotes generosity and helps the girls think about how they can help and care for others from diverse backgrounds.

Cultural diversity was the focus of the Harmony Day celebrations organised by the Year 6 Cultural Awareness Team this week. The girls’ donations to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation will help provide culturally relevant books to remote communities and support communities to write and illustrate their stories in languages of their choice.

Junior School Easter Chapel Service

Students in Kindergarten to Year 6 will attend the Junior School Easter Chapel Service on Monday 3 April. The service will be held in Wallis Auditorium at the Senior School Campus, commencing at 8:45am. Parents are warmly invited to join us as we reflect on God’s gift of eternal life through his son, Jesus.