Dr Benn
Head of Junior School

As we reach the end of a productive and fulfilling term, many of the girls seem tired. This is not surprising given their engagement in learning and enthusiastic involvement in other activities throughout the term, such as the Year 6 Canberra excursion, Junior School Swimming Carnival and Fun Run, Saturday sport, Music ensembles and choirs, and many other cocurricular and extracurricular offerings.

The upcoming holidays are ideal for the girls to relax and continue the healthy sleep patterns they need to sustain them during the term. Junior School girls need nine to eleven hours of sleep per night for optimal resilience, performance and health. Sleep contributes to their academic progress as their brains process, consolidate and store information while they are asleep.

The following suggestions may be helpful in maintaining healthy sleep routines, even during the school holidays.

  • Have a set bedtime.
  • Delay buying a mobile phone until your child is older as evening technology use reduces sleep quality.
  • Switch off devices one hour before bedtime. The blue light affects melatonin, and the activity level of the device interferes with sleep.
  • Keep bedrooms free of devices.

I am sure the girls will return from the break rested, relaxed and ready for Term 2. On behalf of the staff, thank you for your support this term. During the Junior School Easter Chapel Service this week, we were reminded of the life we have through our saviour, Jesus. May Easter be a time to give thanks to God for His love for us.