Mrs Evans
Acting Head of Junior School

It was wonderful to see the smiles on the faces of Junior School girls as they reconnected with friends and staff last Wednesday. The girls looked refreshed and relaxed after the Easter break. As we begin the new term, all students are encouraged to approach their class work with dedication, perseverance and a willingness to take on challenges with their learning.

Students engage in social and emotional learning (SEL) at school and are taught skills and competencies that help them to make responsible choices, regulate their emotions and develop self-awareness. In addition to explicit teaching during Personal Development and Health lessons, students engage in activities and programs which promote SEL. For instance, Meriden’s Buddy Program promotes connections and a sense of belonging at school, reading literature helps students identify and understand different emotions, and Meriden’s student-led focus weeks encourage students to practise kindness, friendship, compassion and gratitude.

We understand that students learn social and emotional skills at different times. Our role is to work in partnership with parents to support girls as they learn how to manage their emotions, bounce back after disappointment, establish positive relationships and make good choices.