Mr Loane
Head of Campus

Vaccinations for Years 7 and 10 students have now been completed. Pleasingly, the number of girls who took up this opportunity was very high. The new Service NSW online registration process did have some challenges. However, receiving immediate feedback via text message and email confirming your daughter’s vaccination was well received, as was the streamlined process of updating immunisation records. Thank you for assisting the School in the organisation of the program.

School photos are currently in progress. The weather was kind last week when the first round of photos was taken. There are two more sessions of photos to be taken this term. Please encourage your daughters to be alert to their scheduling.

Please be reminded of the process for applying for extended leave. The School encourages any leave other than for illness to be taken during the school holidays. However, there are some situations where leave during term time may need to be requested. The application process for Senior School students is as follows:

  • In the Meriden App, select Absentee, then choose the daughter for whom leave is requested.
  • Under the “Nature of Absence” field, select “4+ teaching day absence”.
  • Prior to submitting the form on the app, follow the link “Senior School Application for Leave forms”. This will take you to an eVe page that outlines the process in full and contains links to relevant PDF documents that must be submitted.
  • The Meriden app can be bypassed by directly logging in to eVe (e.g. from a computer rather than a phone) and selecting “Student Matters” then “Senior School Student Exemption from School forms”.
  • The completed form should be emailed to This process can also be found on page ten of the Student Planner.

The Meriden Parents and Friends’ Association will meet next Monday 5 June from 6:00pm. All Senior School parents are welcome to attend. The meeting will be held on level two of the GCMD.

Our musicians have been preparing rigorously for the Sydney Eisteddfod under the direction of Meriden’s Music teachers. The competition will be held next week over various days. Please click here to view the schedule of performances. Tickets to the performances can be purchased through the Sydney Eisteddfod website. We wish the groups well and trust that it will be a joyful and memorable experience.

The Cadet training year comes to an end this term. The current Year 12 cadets are the first Meriden cadets to have completed the full training program since the Cadets program was introduced at the School. The Ceremonial Parade will be held at Trinity on Thursday 15 June. Year 7 students will attend as spectators. Year 12 students and their parents have been invited to their Dining In Night on the same evening. Congratulations to all cadets on completing another year with many successes and personal growth.

All parents are encouraged to regularly check in to Parent Lounge to approve excursions, such as those above for musicians and cadets, and to find details of these events.