Mrs Chilton
Head of Student Wellbeing

It has been pleasing to hear positive feedback as of late from the Prefects and members of the community about the way that Meriden girls are wearing their uniforms. It was also nice to hear some of the girls in my Drama class reflect that they thought Meriden had the best uniform! At times there are public debates that bring into question the importance of uniforms. However, at Meriden, we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of the girls presenting themselves well for their learning each day.

Uniforms create an important sense of belonging among the girls. Uniforms also drive away a sense of difference or division and create an important boundary for young people. At times, the history teacher in me has described it as a “front-line defence” against other more problematic behaviours that can emerge in schools.

Mrs Fiona Brennan, our School Adjutant, does a wonderful job in helping the girls ensure they are attired appropriately each morning and explaining to the girls the purpose of our uniform expectations.

At times when girls wear their uniform incorrectly, they may be issued with a ‘Blue’ or ‘Red’ slip by staff or Prefects as a reminder to them of the standard of dress that is expected of them. From time to time, a detention may be required if students continue to either forget or resist the uniform code. The purpose of these detentions is to provide a circuit breaker to the behaviour and provide students with an opportunity to reflect on the change that needs to be made. Each term, girls are given a “clean slate” and the opportunity to start afresh and wear their uniform with pride.

If your daughter receives a detention for uniform infringements, I encourage you to have a conversation with her about what she can do to ensure that she is well-prepared for school and presenting herself well. This will no doubt be something that will be expected of her in the workplace in years to come.