Mrs Evans
Acting Head of Junior School

We are fortunate to have a group of dedicated student leaders who are eager to make positive contributions to the Junior School. Our student leaders have organised initiatives during Term 2 which have raised awareness about important issues and sparked meaningful conversations within our classrooms. We have seen the Environment, Library and Cultural Awareness Teams, along with the Class Captains, organising events this term.

Collaborating with Dr Bronwyn Mason, the Environment Team has actively engaged students in raising awareness about the significance of conservation and minimising our environmental impact. During Chapel, the girls instilled a deep sense of reverence and appreciation for the environment as a reflection of God’s wisdom and love. Their efforts inspired students to embrace their role as caretakers of God’s creation and to actively engage in sustainable practices. They produced a documentary that sheds light on contemporary environmental issues, inspiring students to wear a green ribbon and contribute a gold coin to support WWF Australia.

Additionally, students from Years 1 to 6 have been enthusiastically encouraged to participate in a poetry competition centred around environmental themes, fostering creativity and a deeper understanding of environmental stewardship. Furthermore, the dedication of our students has translated into a cleaner playground, with many students conscientiously reducing packaging in their lunch boxes.

The Cultural Awareness and Library Teams have raised awareness about National Sorry Day, National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week. The teachers commemorate and celebrate these events in the classroom, and the Year 6 Teams aim to raise further awareness by organising activities, such as displays, interactive activities, and a curated collection of books for the students to borrow. The aim of the student leaders is to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of our Indigenous communities by fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of the histories and traditions. Parents are warmly invited to visit the Selim Library on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after school to view the displays. Thank you to Miss Mira Oh, Mrs Debbie Whitford and Mrs Jodie Pascale for their work in supporting the girls.

At the beginning of each term, two Class Captains are nominated from each class to fulfil important roles within their classrooms. Additionally, the girls come together as a collective group to contribute ideas and suggestions for the Junior School. This collaborative process involves working with Mrs Jennifer Wong, gathering input from their peers, engaging in brainstorming and implementing trial initiatives. In Term 1, the Class Captains made a significant impact by selecting new sports equipment for the playground. Their thoughtful choices included skipping ropes, elastics, and a variety of balls, enhancing the play options available to the girls. During Term 2, the Class Captains focused their efforts on improving the playground environment. In an innovative approach, they have conducted trials of playing music at the end of lunchtime to encourage students to actively participate in cleaning up and maintaining cleanliness.

When students’ voices are heard and valued, it cultivates a sense of belonging. Giving students the opportunity to voice their opinions, even for small changes, helps to build their confidence and creates opportunities to develop communication and leadership skills. We are grateful to our student leaders who are serving the School as role models by setting an example of responsibility, integrity and empathy.