Dr Benn
Head of Junior School

Junior School teachers have been engaging in professional learning facilitated by Mrs Fiona Elliott, Dean of Curriculum, on the new English 3-6 syllabus that will be taught in 2024. This term, we have focused on the best approaches to teaching spelling. While the evidence-based strategies informing the new syllabus are already used in the Junior School, we are pleased there is a strong emphasis on the explicit teaching of the sound-letter correspondence (phonics), written spelling conventions (orthography), meaningful parts of words (morphology) and word origins (etymology).

During the professional learning session, we looked at a summary of the research that supports explicit instruction in sound structure and language structure as essential in learning to spell. Teachers using this approach:

  • organise lessons that keep students focused on the learning objective;
  • break complex skills and knowledge into smaller instructional tasks;
  • use worked examples to show what students need to learn; and
  • give students opportunities to practise and receive feedback.

Mrs Elizabeth Betbeder, Dean of STEM, is also working with teachers to prepare for the introduction of the Mathematics 3-6 syllabus next year. It is wonderful to have Mrs Betbeder’s expertise in STEM and Mrs Elliott’s literacy expertise during this time of curriculum development in NSW schools.

JSA Father’s Day Breakfast

The JSA Father’s Day Breakfast will be held at the Junior School Campus on Tuesday 29 August, beginning at 7:15am. Tickets are available through this link. Please note that all tickets must be purchased online by 6:00pm on Friday 25 August.  Thank you to the JSA for organising this special event.