Rev Moss

It is a story that has been retold for hundreds of years in different ways around the world. It revolves around an encounter between a commoner and royalty, culminating in an ascent to the ranks of nobility. Much like the story of Mary Donaldson from Tasmania, who met Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, in Sydney and is now known as Mary, the Crown Princess of Denmark. We seem to love stories of this nature. The tale of being lifted out of an ordinary life to the life of royalty and fortune. Remarkably, this is the story of Christians as well. In Romans, Chapter 8, Paul writes the following:

14 For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.

Those who have God’s spirit working in them can be referred to as the children of God. It is a challenging concept to grasp; our physical state remains unchanged while our spiritual reality undergoes a profound transformation. If God’s spirit is at work in you, you are called His child, His daughter or His son.

I have several children in my life. Each week, I speak to over 1,000 students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. They are close to my heart; I often think about them and pray for them. However, only three children in the world can call me Dad and experience the unique love, closeness and intimacy of being my children. Those who declare Jesus as King can have so much more. They can know the love, closeness and intimacy of being able to call the creator of the universe as Father. As His children, you become heirs to all the riches of His kingdom. You can go from uncertainty, fear and doubt to being adopted.

We will no doubt face things that are bigger than us this week, but it is vital to remember that we will never face them alone. If you are His child, you are held in the strong arms of your Father; He will be your infinite source of strength.