Mr Loane
Head of Campus

Year 7 Friendship Camp took place last week at the Youthworks Port Hacking Conference Centre on the beautiful waters of Port Hacking. The girls enjoyed building friendships and learning new skills such as Dragon boating and sailing. I had the opportunity to visit and joined some girls on the jetty, who were trying to coax and catch a fish – several girls were successful.

Round 1 of Saturday Sport has been completed and it was fantastic to see so many girls engaged in competition. Saturday Sport provides a great opportunity for parents to meet other parents and to together support their daughters positively. Parents are reminded to please model respect for officials and the opposition at all times.

The Senior School Drama production, Daisy Pulls it Off, draws ever nearer. The cast and crew have been rehearsing with energy and enthusiasm and look forward to entertaining you in Week 5 over three consecutive nights – Thursday 29 February, Friday 1 and Saturday 2 February. Tickets can be purchased from the Trybooking platform.

Meriden students visited France in December last year on an exchange program with our sister school, St Jacques de Compostelle. As part of this program, Meriden will host nine French students, who arrived today (Thursday) for a two-week stay. We look forward to getting to know them and learn about French culture and language while they are here.

Year 10 Meningococcal vaccinations administered by NSW Health will take place at school on Tuesday 20 February. Please provide parental consent on the NSW Health portal by logging in with your Service NSW account, as soon as possible. Visit the NSW School Vaccination Program website to learn more about the program.

At the beginning of each year, each family is required to provide permission for various compulsory events, such as the Fun Run and Year 12 Graduation. Please login to your Parent Lounge account and provide permission if you have not already done so. Parent Lounge can be accessed from the Meriden App or from the School website.

New Meriden student cards have been implemented across the Senior School. These cards are used for signing in each morning, tapping on/off Meriden School buses, making purchases at the canteen and signing in to the Library on Saturdays. Please encourage your daughters to keep their card with them at all times when at school.