Mr Broadbent
Head of Teaching and Learning

“So, how is school going?”

I am not sure how dinner conversations go at your place, but sometimes parents find it challenging to know what is going on in the lives of their children. While some girls might narrate every aspect of their day, others are less forthcoming.

At Meriden, there are two ways you can gain some insight into your daughter’s learning.

1. The Student Planner

Every Meriden girl is issued a planner, which is an attractive blue book that resembles a weekly diary and contains important information about the School. The girls will be asked to replace the planner if it is lost.

The planner provides a space for the girls to record their homework. If you want some insight into the work your daughter is being asked to complete outside of class, you could check the planner. For example, if she tells you she has no homework, it might be useful to check the planner. Please note, it is our expectation that all girls are regularly receiving homework, so there should not be significant sections of the planner left blank.

Teachers can provide quick feedback about your daughter’s learning in the planner. For example, a teacher may record outstanding work – “Excellent participation in Mathematics today”; or flag some problematic behaviours – “Homework incomplete in Science”.

Parents can use the planner to write quick notes to the School. For example, you may have had a family event, which meant your daughter was unable to complete her homework. A quick note in the planner will help the teacher understand how to respond appropriately to the learning needs of your daughter.

2. School Reports

There are two main reporting systems used at Meriden. The first resembles a more traditional report and is issued at the end of each semester – I shall speak more about this later in the year.

For students in Years 7 to 9, we use a process of continuous reporting. That means as assessments are returned to the girls, their marks are updated on eVe. As we move through the year, more and more assessments will appear on eVe. There is no final end-of-semester report, as assessment data is continually being updated. If you do not currently have access to eVe or need assistance in finding what you need, please contact the School on 9752 9444.

Information about the girls’ learning is certainly not limited to the planner or eVe, and I will explore other ways for you to be an active participant in your daughter’s learning over the rest of the year.