Mrs Chilton
Head of Student Wellbeing

This week we had the Senior School Athletics Carnival. It is always a wonderful day out in the winter sun for girls to challenge themselves and connect with their peers and teachers.

Events like this are important in the girls’ experience of school, and yet we have started to see a decrease in attendance at school events like carnivals in recent years. This week in Assembly, I spoke to the girls about why these events are important, for both themselves as individuals and the community. I set each House a challenge to have the highest attendance and to cheer the most on the day!

Being a part of a House allows students to both feel a sense of belonging and contribute to something bigger than themselves. It allows students to make friends and connections with girls outside their own peer group and year group. Students are given opportunities to lead and encourage one another. There is something special about the whole school cheering a girl on, when they might not even know her name.

School carnivals and community events are essential to a girl’s experience of connecting to community – and they are fun! House and school culture is built by every individual who participates and turns up. One day these girls will join organisations and companies, they may lead teams and projects, and they will need to know how to build a positive culture. Culture is built by turning up, having a go, connecting with others, and celebrating the achievements of others.

Your daughter might ask for your permission to stay home from school on a carnival day, Year 12 graduation, excursion days or other activities outside the classroom. If she does this, please insist that this day is an essential part of her learning experience – even if she has no idea how to throw a javelin.