Olympus Program

Meriden’s close proximity to Homebush Olympic Park makes it an ideal school for students who compete in sports at elite level.

Meriden’s Olympus Program is designed to help cater for the special needs of students-athletes who compete at an elite level. The school has many students who compete at national and international levels in Athletics, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Water Polo and other sports.

The various components of the Olympus program include:

  • Group sessions with guest speakers are held throughout the year. These sessions focus on sports-related issues, covering topics such as nutrition, injury prevention, time management and resilience and sport psychology.
  • Olympus Program pastoral tutors meet regularly with the girls to monitor academic progress and to assist them with time management and assignments.
  • Specifically-designed breakfasts are available after training in the morning, before lessons commence.
  • Elite sports students have the option of choosing the Individual Learning Elective in Years 8–10. During this elective, they are permitted to work on their core subjects, under the supervision of a specialist teacher, to ‘free-up’ time for training.
  • The school’s intranet facility supports the students while they train and compete interstate or overseas.
  • Elite sports girls benefit from the individual attention that their teachers are able to provide as a result of Meriden’s small class sizes.