Olympus Program

For emerging athletes who dream of pursuing sport at an elite level, Meriden’s Olympus Program is an essential part of the journey to success. The program provides personalised support to each participant, helping them fulfil their academic and sporting potential.

Junior Olympus

The Junior Olympus program is accessible to students in Years 5 and 6 who are at an emerging level in their sport and committed to a busy training schedule.

The program includes pastoral and academic care for girls who have regular, intensive sporting commitments outside of school. Program coordinators also organise lunchtime workshops with guest speakers who provide age-appropriate, practical seminars about staying healthy in mind and body.

The Olympus Program in the Senior School

Young sportswomen who take part in the Senior School Olympus Program have access to different levels of academic support, depending on their training needs.

  • All girls in the program attend regular workshops on sleep, nutrition, injury prevention, time management and resilience.
  • Girls can work through a series of e-Learning Modules on sports-related topics at a pace that suits their routine and their athletic needs.
  • Student-athletes who have intensive sporting commitments are supported to negotiate flexible academic plans and assessment schedules to ensure they can meet the requirements of their schoolwork to the best of their abilities.
  • The “Finding Time” elective allows students time during school hours to work on core subjects under the supervision of specialist teachers in order to “free up” time outside of school hours for training.
  • Participants take a specially-designed wellness survey at regular intervals throughout the school term. The Athlete Monitoring System assists girls with working towards their goals.
  • The Olympus “buddy system” provides an official peer-to-peer support network where girls are paired with other Olympus participants, building friendships and improving wellbeing.

Since the inception of Meriden’s Olympus Program, the school has supported girls competing at the highest levels in a range of sports, including at the Olympics and other international competitions.