There is considerable research that suggests second language learning in the early years has a substantial effect on cognitive development.

Meriden Junior School’s highly-successful program enables students to experience learning another language through the Junior School years. The program immerses students in a culturally diverse learning environment and helps them to develop a broad, global outlook and perspective. They acquire proficiency in both the spoken and written aspects of the language they are learning.

All students receive tuition in either French or Mandarin from Kindergarten to Year 6. When entering Meriden, the girls and their parents choose either French or Mandarin as the language they will study through their Junior School years to Year 6.

Instruction during lessons is given in both English and French or Mandarin, but predominantly in the language being studied. Research shows that this is the most natural and effective way for young children to learn a second language. Children learn to think and speak in a second language as they learn to think and speak in their native language.

Opportunities are provided for students to showcase their language skills in a variety of contexts, including assembly presentations and performances.