Pre-Kindergarten at Meriden is open to girls and boys in the year before they begin formal school. Located in a restored Federation home with an adjoining hall and set in beautifully landscaped grounds, our Pre-Kindergarten is a fun-filled, busy place of learning.

The learning program focuses on developing a child who is curious, confident, caring and well-behaved. Children are encouraged to create and explore, discover the excitement of reading and experience the joys of music, friendship and physical activity.

The program includes pre-numeracy and literacy activities, music and movement, indoor and outdoor developmental play, and visits to the Junior School library. The children also experience lessons with other members of Meriden's teaching faculty including Languages, Christian Education and Sports.

A rich and stimulating curriculum together with the guidance of teachers who are able to facilitate learning for each child, ensures that students are well-prepared to enter Kindergarten.

Three, four or five day programs are offered, subject to availability at the time of enrolment. Classes commence at 8.45am and end at 2.45pm, Monday to Friday, during school terms. Before and After School Care programs are also offered.

Pre-Kindergarten at Meriden is designed as a one-year school readiness program for girls and boys in the year prior to formal schooling. Children must turn four years of age by the end of May in the year of commencement. A readiness assessment for Pre-Kindergarten is conducted during the enrolment interview process.