Tennis Camp

The Meriden Tennis Academy operates an exciting Tennis Camp during the school holidays. All levels of tennis ability are catered for, from beginner to experienced level. The Camps are held at Southend Tennis Centre, 22 Chiswick Street, Strathfield South.

Instruction is provided by the Tennis Academy's professional coaches and covers areas such as stroke production, court rules, modified match play with mini nets and full court match play.

Activities are designed to help build the balance, hand-eye coordination and motor skills that are needed to play every sport and are particularly important in tennis.

Tennis Camp is a great way to improve skills while having fun and meeting new friends. Meriden students, family members and friends, aged five years and over, are welcome to participate.

Tennis Camps are held each school holiday period. For details about the next Tennis Camp visit 

For further information about the Tennis Camp contact Southend Tennis Centre on 9642 5967 or email