An understanding of other people and other cultures prepares our students to live and work in the global community of the future.

At Meriden, all students study a language other than English until Year 8 and we encourage them to continue this richly rewarding experience through to Year 12.

In an increasingly globalised world, knowledge of another language has important practical benefits for students; it can open up opportunities to study or work in other countries and cultures. More important than these tangible benefits are the rich rewards that mastery of another language accrues on both a personal and interpersonal level. Students’ lives are enriched and their minds broadened through the direct experience of another culture and coming to terms with alternative ways of looking at the world.

Languages offered at Meriden include:

Year 7 French, Mandarin Chinese
Years 8 to 10 French, Mandarin Chinese, Latin
Years 11 and 12 Continuers French
Continuers Chinese/Chinese in Context/Chinese and Literature
Continuers Latin
Beginners Japanese**
Beginners Spanish**
Extension French
Extension Latin
Other Languages offered through Open High School and Saturday Community school

Download details of language study in the Senior School.