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Liliane shines at ARTEXPRESS

Liliane Spratt’s HSC artwork The Re:Imagined

The annual ARTEXPRESS exhibition, showcasing the best artworks by HSC students, this year includes Meriden 2021 graduate Liliane Spratt’s HSC artwork The Re:Imagined. The work is free to view for all members of the public and is on at the Art Gallery of NSW until 25 April.

Liliane’s inspiration for her artwork began with her desire to combine traditional art practices with new techniques and ways of working.

“For me, the cyanotype process allowed for this. I was inspired by one artist in particular – Meghann Riepenhoff. She manipulated the cyanotype process [a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print] in her own way, placing sheets of paper covered in the chemical in the ocean, marking the patterns of waves and sand formations. This innovation inspired me to create my own way of using the chemicals, which included changing the length of time which they are meant to be in the sun, not using a dark room, and allowing the colour change to be documented.”

Liliane was part of a world-wide cohort of students who were forced to complete their major projects while learning from home, a particular challenge for a Visual Arts student.

“It was a tricky process at times,” said Liliane. “I felt for all art students in the state who didn’t have access to their tools and materials. Fortunately for me, I had the great support of Ms Legge and the DaCA department, who sent me chemicals in the mail and delivered previous works to my door.”

After so much of her HSC year was spent in isolation and learning from home, it’s especially exciting for Liliane to have her works on display to the public.

“It is all a bit surreal, to be honest. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity, and to have been at Meriden where I was supported the whole year long. I used to go to the Art Gallery where my brother and I would take art classes. To see my work on the same walls I used to be inspired from is quite overwhelming and all I can say is that I am honoured. It is also such an honour to have my work up next to amazing young artists who have such beautiful messages in their work.”

Meriden looks forward to following the promising career of this talented young artist.

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