Student Wellbeing

At Meriden, every girl is known and her unique contribution to the life of the School valued as she realises her gifts and makes her mark. Student wellbeing is informed by Meriden's Christian foundation.

A strong sense of wellbeing is essential for students to achieve their aspirations and learning goals. The key components of wellbeing that are woven through our programs include healthy relationships, character development, self-awareness, ethical responsibility, meaning and purpose, achieving the conditions for deep learning, and positive connections with the community.

Wellbeing is a school-wide priority and incorporates the Health Centre, counselling service, pastoral time, PDHPE, Christian Studies, Lateral Learning and even the language which teachers use in the classroom.

Content explored during pastoral time in House groups includes:

Year 7 Responsibility Friendship Independence
Year 8 Challenge Risk taking Digital citizenship
Year 9 Gratitude Collaboration Service
Year 10 Positive self talk Purposeful focus Aspirations
Year 11 Resilience Balance Everyday leadership
Year 12 Thriving Courage Hope