Student Wellbeing

The approach to student wellbeing at Meriden is informed by Meriden’s Christian foundations and the belief that human flourishing is found through a relationship with Jesus. At Meriden, every girl is known and her unique contribution to the life of the School valued as she realises her gifts and makes her mark. Our pastoral approach is shaped by our Fidelis Values, as we seek to encourage girls at Meriden to be balanced, compassionate, generous, joyful, resilient, spirited, upright and thankful.

At the heart of our pastoral approach are house tutor groups, where the girls meet daily with their tutor and other girls in their year group. Relationships are central to what it means to be human and experiencing a sense of belonging is essential to a young person’s social and emotional development. In these tutor groups, students discuss and reflect on contemporary issues and challenges. The key components of wellbeing that are woven through our programs include healthy relationships, character development, self-awareness, ethical responsibility, meaning and purpose, and service to the broader community.

Another way in which student wellbeing is fostered is through our school camps. In Year 7 the girls participate in a day camp, designed to help to facilitate friendships in the early stages of their transition to high school. In Year 8, the focus is developing courage and resilience and students are pushed to extend themselves through a challenge camp. Year 9 provides an opportunity for the girls to turn their gaze outward and serve the wider community through service camps. These camps are often reflected upon by departing Year 12 cohorts, as key moments in their personal development.

The House system provides another avenue for girls to make connections across year groups, through community service weeks and initiatives, carnivals and a range of other activities.

Student leadership is also central to our approach to student wellbeing as we want to ensure that student voice is heard and the unique skills and abilities of all students recognised.

We believe that students thrive when they are afforded with ample opportunities to become involved in a wide range of academic and cocurricular pursuits at school. Student wellbeing is a whole school approach. At Meriden we ensure that each girl is known and cared for. We do this because we believe wholeheartedly that each girl in uniquely and wonderfully made.