English Language Learning

Meriden offers a supportive environment for students from non-English speaking backgrounds while they develop their confidence in speaking English and improve their proficiency in the language.

All students at Meriden are encouraged to speak English inside and outside the classroom. Immersion in the language gives them the opportunity to hear every-day English spoken by both native and non-native speakers. They are motivated to participate in class discussions and learn how to express their own ideas in English.

As well as the mainstream English course which is studied by all students, Meriden’s English Language Skills elective course is available for students in Years 8, 9, 10 and 11. This course helps students to adjust to the demands of the Australian classroom through developing key skills appropriate to a range of subject areas. Students receive this additional support from specialist teachers who work closely with each student's own subject teachers. There is a strong focus on vocabulary development and intensive grammar instruction that will aid the overall improvement of academic writing skills in core subjects. This support is given during timetabled lessons, in a small, supportive group environment.

Furthermore, Meriden is one of only a few schools in New South Wales which offers the HSC course EAL/D English which is tailored for students in Years 11 and 12 whose first language is not English.

Meriden’s Hudson Library and Research Centre provides an invaluable resource for students who are learning English. The Library has a rich collection of books and digital resources to engage and encourage readers at every stage.